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Crobox helps Dyson communicate effectively with our audience in order to boost our online revenue.
Jenna Simons
Jenna Simons
Head of Online Marketing


Dyson is a rapidly growing company with presence across the globe. As Dyson NL’s international expansion ramped up, they looked for a solution that could increase their direct product sales in new markets by facilitating the search and discovery behavior of their customers.

Dyson leveraged Crobox’s Dynamic Messaging to improve their on-site product discovery efforts by guiding and advising purchase decisions on the product listing page (PLP) and product detail pages (PDP) and gaining valuable customer insights.
+13.3% Click-Through Rate
+2.28% Add-to-Cart Rate
+5.8% Conversion Rate


Dyson is a global technology company that spans multiple product categories in more than seventy countries around the world. From house care products like vacuum cleaners and fans to commercial products such as hand dryers, Dyson is on the cutting edge of innovation in its product categories. Their technical products means they have a greater need for guided selling: To give their shoppers more product information, in order to increase direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales and build trust.
1987 Founded
9,000+ Employees

The Challenge

Dyson NL strove for two key goals: to penetrate the Belgian market and increase D2C sales.

The efforts to increase their presence in the Belgian market were falling short. The culture, needs, and product discovery behavior of their Belgian consumers greatly contrasted those of their Dutch consumers.

Dyson NL was looking to gain more insight into the psychological makeup of their Belgian and Dutch customers to guide them through their shopping journeys with more targeted messages. At the same time, Dyson NL sought to create less dependence on their retailer partners. By establishing stronger relationships directly with their customers, they hoped to provide superior customer journey experiences through a guided selling approach. To serve these needs, Dyson NL strove to increase their direct sales by communicating more relevant messages to their eCommerce shoppers.
We were surprised at the results of Crobox, especially when it came to country differences. Strategies we thought wouldn’t work in Belgium did, and those that we thought would work didn’t. It was all very interesting to see and understand!
Jenna Simons
Jenna Simons
Head of Online Marketing


Together with Crobox, Dyson implemented Dynamic Messaging on their webshop. First, they implemented Product Badges promoting Behavioral Messages on the PLP to increase the click-through rate to the product detail page and generate customer insights. Dynamic Badges on the PLP promoted messages that highlighted Authority, Scarcity, Social Proof, and Product Attribute messages.

The insights generated from the badges were reused to improve the PDP. These messages used the best performing behavioral principles (e.g., Authority) to drive purchase behavior in the form of Smart Notifications.

Dynamic Badges to collect data and increase CTR

Dyson leveraged Dynamic Badges to collect psychographic data on their Dutch and Belgian customers to understand the differences in behavior.
dyson dynamic badges

Dynamic Notifications to drive conversions

These messages reused the data generated by the badges to increae the likelihood of converting.
dynamic notifications

The Results

Within just three months, Dyson gained valuable insight into the differences between their Dutch and Belgian customers, which they used to personalize the guided selling experience across their omnichannel campaigns. Additionally, Crobox helped Dyson substantially increase their click-through rate by 13.13%, add to cart rate by 2.28%, and conversion rate by 5.8%.

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