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Crobox helps Dyson communicate effectively with our audience in order to boost our online revenue.

Jenna Simons - Dyson
Dyson Head of Online Marketing


With any global expansion, cultural differences play an essential part, especially when trying to increase the number of sales in a webshop. Dyson was faced with the challenge of improving their direct sales metrics while expanding to new markets. With the help of Crobox and the Persuasion Profiling framework, Dyson experienced:

+ 13.3%

click through rate increase

+ 5.8%

conversion rate increase


Dyson is a strong global technology company that spans over multiple product categories and more than 70 countries around the world. From house care products like vacuum cleaners and fans to commercial products such as hand dryers, Dyson situates itself on the cutting edge of innovation in its product categories.





The challenge

As a Dutch subsidy of the brand, Dyson was attempting to penetrate the Belgian market. Unfortunately, after various attempts, their efforts were going unnoticed, and very little explanation regarding the slow performance was evident. Next to this, Dyson wanted to increase the percentage of direct contact with their customers. Meaning that they wanted to depend less on retailers by increasing sales online, on the floor, and at product tours.

Dyson wanted a solution that could provide insight into the cultural differences between the Dutch and Belgian markets. This insight would allow Dyson to better communicate to the respective markets in a manner that would increase direct conversion on their website.

Gain insights into their audience to optimize messaging per country

Focus on direct conversion optimization.


Within seven months of the initial conversation, Crobox implemented persuasion profiling and experiments on the Dyson website to boost conversion and personalize the onsite customer journey. Dyson already had data on their customers based on consumer research and website visitors. But by collecting the psychographic data on their target audience, Crobox was able to complete their data profile of their customers per segment. Crobox implemented the following features on Dyson’s website:

Predictive Product Tags

Increase motivation to view products using different persuasion tactics based on machine learning
KPI: Increase CTR

Smart Notifications

Increase motivation to continue to add a product to the cart by using different persuasion tactics.
KPI: increase clicks on add to cart button


Within just three months, Crobox helped Dyson substantially increase their click through, add to cart, and conversion rates.

+ 13.3%

click through rate

+ 5.8%

conversion rate

"We were surprised at the results of Crobox, especially when it came to country differences. Strategies we thought wouldn’t work in Belgium did, and those that we thought would work didn’t. It was all very interesting to see and understand!"

Jenna Simons - Dyson
Dyson Head of Online Marketing

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