Persuasion as a Service.

Crobox combines consumer psychology and
machine learning to increase: engagement

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  • Vodafone
  • Darty
  • T-Mobile
  • Rakuten
  • Dyson

Persuasion is not an art.
It is a science.

95% of our decisions are driven by our emotions, not rationally, but deep inside your subconscious mind. The big question is: How do you influence that subconscious? We are proving that this unknown variable can be triggered, by online persuasion.

Product tags

Using a combination of proprietary algorithms, Crobox's technology provides each one of your visitors with personalized product tags with that have optimum persuasion strategies built in, to ensure the highest chance of a conversion.

Smart Notifications

Based on the profile Crobox builds up of the visitor, it displays a personalized product page, using the most effective triggers based on relevant, proven persuasive elements – we call them smart notifications.

Persuasive Analytics

Get the most accurate insights of your audience. Armed with intelligence and clear KPI's, you’ll convert more shoppers and acquire more visitors effectively. Onsite and offsite.

Exit intent

Respond quickly to your visitors` exit behavior. Turn abandoning visitors into valuable customers. With an enriched persuasion profile and e-mail addresses, effective reengaging has never been easier.

Features customised to your platform.

Our algorithm only executes the most effective and relevant persuasion strategy for each visitor on a person-by-person basis to ensure the highest probability of achieving a conversion.

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