Persuasion as a Service.

Crobox combines consumer psychology and
machine learning to increase: engagement

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Persuasion is not an art.
It is a science.

Predict purchase intent Identify the likeliness of a purchase.
Persuasion Profiling Making use of a unique data driven framework.
Automated campaignsIncrease revenue, engagement and retention through automation.

Data-driven Framework

Powered by our massive, anonymized data set on consumer behaviour, the Crobox Persuasion Framework surpasses marketer objectives for influencing audiences and driving conversions.

With millions of interactions per tactic, we've identified behaviours unique to your customers and tailored strategies to your industry.

Crobox Dashboard

Automated campaigns tailored to your target audience and personalised to your visitors' profile. Customised messaging and personalization of every aspect the customer journey.

Without costly and resource consuming projects. Our customer success team of psychologists and conversion experts are ready to help.

Persuasion Analytics

Based on a combination of user, product and contextual data, Crobox predicts which persuasion principles do and don't work for each specific visitor.

From there you can make an informed, data backed decision on which page section or site wide UX/UI/messaging changes to make, if any.

Features customised to your platform.

Our algorithm only executes the most effective and relevant persuasion strategy for each visitor on a person-by-person basis to ensure the highest probability of achieving a conversion.

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