Harness the power of persuasion and AI

Crobox combines consumer psychology with machine learning to drive online performance and purchase intent on leading eCommerce webshops.

Discover the 'why' behind the buy

ECommerce brands already have insights into the who, what, and how of purchases. Crobox helps complete customer profiles by discovering the why behind the buy.


Crobox delivers impact, drives conversions, and increases revenue through its AI capabilities.


Crobox’s psychographic data provides real insights into the most effective psychological approach for any target group.


Persuasive intelligence provided by our behavioural psychologists elaborates on behaviour driving information.

What our customers say

The starting point is different. The culture is different. The categories are different. You need to be aware of how your message can be perceived and adjust accordingly.

Dimitri Arts,
Head of eCommerce EMEA

Core capabilities

The Crobox platform delivers a full approach to build persuasion profiles of your audience and gain unique insights on your visitors through experiments, segmentation, and targeting.

Persuasion Experiments

Every experiment is backed by psychology and optimised with AI. Our library consists of 100+ psychographic experiments that can be deployed on your platform, providing unique psychographic insights about your website’s visitors.

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Persuasion Profiling

By keeping track of every user interaction, our AI expands its profiles in a way that is replicable for new experiments with other plugins. Our fully accessible API allows your business to create a comprehensive picture of your customers and website visitors.

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We want you to discover the why behind the buy. Our experiments report on the types of users that have interacted with your website based on psychological principles. Within about one month, you’ll have insight into the principles that are most effective for your visitors and product category.

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