Discover the why behind the buy

Crobox combines consumer psychology with AI to deliver optimized online buyer journeys and actionable customer intelligence.

Full-Service Approach


Our persuasion software combines psychology with AI to serve the most relevant messages to every visitor at the optimal time.


Crobox clients work with our experts to create a three-year plan that addresses their business objectives and platform opportunities.


We have in-house consumer psychologists and data analysts who help our clients get the most out of and apply their customer intelligence.

The starting point is different. The culture is different. The categories are different. You need to be aware of how your message can be perceived and adjust accordingly.

Dimitri Arts - Under Armour
Head of eCommerce EMEA

What we offer

Persuasive Personalization

Our library of 100+ persuasion techniques facilitates flexible, fast-moving experimental roadmaps for eCommerce websites. The Crobox technology uses AI to test thousands of combinations to serve the right message, design, and trigger time for each visitor.

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The Journey of Influence

Together with our in-house consumer psychologists and data analysts, our clients take part in the three-year program. The Journey of Influence outlines clients' optimal paths to receiving psychographic insights and achieving business impact per customer journey step.

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Customer Intelligence

To discover the why behind the buy, we report on the psychographic profiles of customers based on their user, product, and behavioral data. These insights help our clients make strategic marketing decisions across all their communication channels.

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