Crobox is great step forward that supports IKEA in the digital transformation. Getting a better understanding of our customers while improving our topline results makes this a very attractive solution for our market, the ROI shows this.
Nina Balvert, NL Country Digital Manager
We’ve been trying to come closer to the competition, playing catch-up. But now we can do something different, that’s where Crobox will help us stand out.
Rick Hoving, Senior eCommerce Manager
Crobox helps Dyson communicate effectively with our audience in order to boost our online revenue.
Jenna Simons, Head of Online Marketing
Combining datasets from different sources helps us to boost our customer intelligence and make more detailed customer profiles.
Jop van Sommeren, eCommerce Manager
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What we deliver

custom badging

Custom Product Badging

Instantly create and publish product badges

Crobox's Custom Badging allows you to promote your products when, how, and where you want. Instantly launch and track multi-region or language campaigns.
crobox dynamic badging

Dynamic Messaging

Highlight the right products with the right message

Our AI engine shows dynamic messages on the products that are most likely to appeal to your shoppers, easing the decision-making process.
Retail Product Analytics

Product Intelligence

Learn what product attributes are most popular with shoppers

With Crobox’s product intelligence, you will know which product attributes are most likely to drive purchase behavior.

Case Studies

asics in-store

Case Study: ASICS

Crobox helped ASICS optimize the customer experience using dynamic badge insights. With this intelligence, ASICS created more relevant communication across multiple channels.
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dyson in-store

Case Study: Dyson

To improve their localization efforts, Dyson NL worked together with Crobox to capture and leverage Customer Intelligence. These efforts paid off in significant business impact.
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