Discover the why behind the buy

Crobox combines consumer psychology with AI to deliver optimized online buyer journeys and actionable customer intelligence.

Our Value

Shopper Journeys

Drive purchase behavior with messages that appeal to your shoppers' emotional needs.

Customer Intelligence

Use psychographics to better understand your target audience with dynamic shopper profiles.

Team of
Dedicated Experts

Co-create omnichannel strategies with our team specialized in shopper experience design.

What we deliver

AI-Driven Persuasive Personalization

Our library of 100+ persuasion techniques facilitates flexible, fast-moving experimental roadmaps for eCommerce websites. The Crobox technology uses AI to test thousands of combinations to serve the right message and design to each visitor.

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Actionable Insights for a 360-View

Crobox’s customer intelligence gives you a clearer picture of your shoppers and customers. Our psychographic data explains why individuals click, add-to-cart, and checkout so you can better tailor your entire cross-channel customer journey.

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Advice from Data and Psychology Experts

Our team of consumer psychologists and data analysts uncover patterns in shopper behavior, explain what they mean, and strategically advise on omnichannel marketing opportunities. We foster vested partnerships to ensure maximum impact.

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