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Combining datasets from different sources helps us to boost our customer intelligence and make more detailed customer profiles. Now that we’re able to add Crobox’s psychographic knowledge to the mix, we’re much closer to the complete picture of our customers.
Jop van Sommeren
Jop van Sommeren
eCommerce Manager, Coop


To gain a foothold in the fast-growing online grocery shopping market, Dutch supermarket chain Coop has worked tirelessly to build a sustainable online platform. At the time of this case, Coop’s biggest challenge was turning their client base of 1.5 million weekly in-store clients into high-value online customers.

Together with Crobox, Coop booked the following results:
+960k Unique Shopper Profiles
+8.38% Average Order Value
+1.87% Conversion Rate


Coop has been a prolific supermarket chain in the Netherlands for over 125 years. The chain aims to deliver fresh and tasty products at an affordable price. Coop’s core vision centers around the power of togetherness and cooperation, which is reflected in the company’s involvement in improving social issues.
1891 Founded
270+ Stores
5,000+ Employees
The results so far have been really positive. One of our main KPIs was to increase the average order value (AOV). In just three months, Crobox helped us to increase our AOV by 8.38%.
Jop van Sommeren
Jop van Sommeren
eCommerce Manager, Coop

The Challenge

While Coop holds a considerable share of the offline market, their existing customers required more convincing to warm up to the idea of online grocery shopping. The challenge largely came down to Coop customers’ traditional patterns of behavior, as most of them visited Coop’s store to buy groceries for that day or to pick up a few specific items. Coop’s website, on the other hand, is more suitable for people who are looking to buy their weekly groceries at once.

This led Coop to look for new ways to approach their online client base, turning them from “single cart shoppers” into high-value online customers. To reach their ambitious goals, Coop partnered with Crobox to gain customer intelligence as well as increase their (micro) conversion rates and average order values on their website.
Using Dynamic Badges and Notifications on our product listing, detail, and check-out pages, we determined the most effective principle for each situation.

In our case, Authority and Social Proof ended being top performers. Those are valuable insights we can add to our online strategy.
Jop van Sommeren
Jop van Sommeren
eCommerce Manager, Coop


Within the first six months of going live, the main focus was spent on gaining product and customer intelligence on the first two customer journey phases: Selection and Acquisition. To do this, Dynamic Messages were rolled-out on the Product Listing (PLP), Product Detail (PDP), and Shopping Cart pages using Behavioral Nudges.

By testing copy variances based on various behavioral principles against a control group, Crobox determined the most effective messaging approach per customer, funnel step, and time.

Drive PLP click-through rate

Leveraging behavioral principles like Social Proof, Scarcity, Authority, and Novelty, Coop ran Dynamic Badges on their PLP to drive shoppers to click through the the product detail page.
dynamic badges

Nudge add-to-cart on the PDP

Dynamic Notifications were used to nudge shoppers to add the selected product to their carts.
coop dynamic notifications

Convert shoppers on the cart page

Dynamic Notifications were used to nudge shoppers to add the selected product to their carts.
coop cart dynamic notifications

The Results

Authority and Social Proof turned out to be the most effective behavioral principles for Coop’s customers. This held true for Dynamic Badges on the Product Listing Page and Dynamic Notifications on Product Detail Pages.

Overall, the top performing behavioral nudges resulted in a 1.87% conversion rate uplift and increased average order value of 8.38%. With this data, Crobox compiled over 960,000 unique shopper profiles containing valuable insights that Coop could apply omnichannel.

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