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This data is going to ease us into omnichannel. This may seem like a buzzword, but with Crobox we can actually reuse our data in-stores and email, to recreate the online experience.
rick hoving
Rick Hoving
Senior eCommerce Manager


To get actionable insights from data and understand what their customers love about their products, ASICS partnered with Crobox. Since 2017, we’ve worked together towards two goals: creating data-driven customer profiles to facilitate customer-centric product experiences on-site.
12x ROI
+27.07% Click-Through Rate
+18.08% Conversion Rate


ASICS stands for anima sana in corpore sano: the brand’s founding philosophy and mission. Translated this means, “healthy soul in a healthy body” and echoes their Japanese roots. They seek to be a champion in the sports fashion market and are a consistent favorite amongst athletes and amateurs alike.

ASICS promotes a human-centric approach to sports science. They reinvent products to fit each sport and movement. With their sustainable growth goals and caregiver mindset, ASICS will rapidly become the consumer’s first choice.
1949 Founded
33 Countries
8,800+ Employees
Most companies focus on running faster, sweating harder, being a beast. ASICS flips that around to help the shopper with every movement they make. We believe it’s about clearing your mind and training your body.
rick hoving
Rick Hoving
Senior eCommerce Manager

The Challenge

eCommerce departments rely on data but are often unable to use it to its full potential. F or ASICS, this was a problem when the company shifted from pushing products to creating customer-centric experiences. Due to a lack of resources, the eCommerce team struggled to dive into customer data.

Another challenge was promoting product attributes in the right way. ASICS running shoes have the best technology on the market, yet their Japanese ethos means that they don’t shout about it. The challenge was finding a solution that would show these attributes in a subtle yet impactful way.
eCommerce is flat. It’s data-driven, but most of the time we don’t use that data to do cool things.
rick hoving
Rick Hoving
Senior eCommerce Manager


ASICS rolled out Crobox’s AI-driven Dynamic Badges for behavioral nudges and product attributes on their product lister, product detail, and checkout pages. Three different experiments were rolled out to test the impact of behavioral messages, product attribute messages, and enhancements to their Shoe Finder shopping wizard.

Dynamic Badge Insights

Behavioral nudges are messages that leverage behavioral principles to drive purchase behavior and reduce choice overload. These insights below are on a behavioral level.
asics dynamic badges

The Results

ASICS found that the best performing message on average for France, Germany, and Great Britain was “Award Winner” with a CR uplift of 35.62% (FR), 49.99% (DE), and 72.14% (GB). This insight shows that for a large segment of ASICS shoppers, they respond to Authority messages. This could mean that these shoppers are looking for top of line products at ASICS.
asics message performance
Further, despite the positive response to “Award Winner”, each country preferred different product attributes in ASICS’ product assortment. For France, “High Comfort” was the second-highest performing message with a CR uplift of 36.18%. For Germany, it was “Waterproof” with 66.62%, and Great Britain “Lightweight” with 61.45%.

With this data, ASICS can tailor their campaigns to each country with optimized copy, product recommendations, or descriptions.

On a product level, ASICS gained insight into the high and underperforming messages for the products within their assortment. For example, their champion shoe (GEL-KAYANO) had a 78.52% CR uplift with the badge “Award Winner”.
asics product attribute performance

The ASICS Shoe Finder

To recreate the in-store experience, ASICS created the Shoe Finder. This shopping wizard asks several questions to determine the running style and goals of the shopper. This way, shoppers can find shoes that help them reach their running goals with greater ease.
asics runner profile

The Results

To take this to the next level, we worked with the ASICS team to innovate features that enhanced the impact of the Shoe Finder so customers had a better experience and ASICS could gain valuable data.
asics shoe finder carousal
Specifically, we collaborated to generate a carousel with the resulting Shoe Finder product recommendations, a running profile that customers could download, and retargeted dynamic badges so shoppers could easily access their recommended products throughout their journey.
asics shoe finder badges
With these implementations, ASICS collected customer profiles to be reused for further omnichannel retargeting like in-store and email campaigns.

The Shoe Finder generated at 1.61% AOV overall uplift, with a CR uplift of +52.25%!

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