Why Crobox?

Crobox psychographic insights

Psychographic Insights

We provide the missing piece of the data puzzle by giving our clients unique psychographic data on their visitors.

Crobox Unparalleled Expertise

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team of consumer psychologists and data analysts help our clients get the most out of their customer intelligence.

Crobox Proven Impact

Proven Impact

Crobox's Persuasion Software delivers real business impact with increased conversions and incremental revenue.

Case Studies

Crobox Dyson Case Study

Crobox used consumer psychology and AI to increase Dyson’s conversion rate by 5.4% and provide customer intelligence for their international expansion.

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Crobox Under Armour Case Study

Under Armour gained psychographic insights about their European customers in six countries to increase their incremental revenue and conversion rate by 5.27%

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Crobox Coop Case Study

Crobox helped Coop gain unique psychographic customer intelligence as well as increase their conversion rate by 1.87% and average order value by 8.38%

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Clients we've helped

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