Big believer in Bitcoin and die-hard documentary fan. Will always wake up for ramen. Dedicated to making all visions reality.

Rodger Buyvoets

Chief Executive Officer

A perfectionist who’s passionate about building things. Once won 1st place in a dance competition.

Sjoerd Mulder

Chief Technology Officer

Sports-enthusiast with a great love for the outdoors. 25 years of experience in tech. Loves to talk data.

Leonard Wolters

Chief Data Officer

Bon vivant from Brabant. Social psychologist at heart. Obstacle runner and secret hardstyle-admirer.

Joris Fonteijn

Chief Behavioral Officer

Nothing beats a good book. Except for maybe cats. Highly impressed by many things, from puns to philosophical thoughts.

Janelle de Weerd

Head of Marketing

Mom of three. Gets deep satisfaction from a well-planned prank. Self-declared yoga ambassador. 90% vegan.

Felicia Mak

Operations Manager

Keen eye for design. Keen ear for hip hop. Keen most of the time, really. True love for psychology.

Patrick Oberstadt

Consumer Psychologist

Blown away by the tech world, graphic novels, and the Amsterdam winds. Can spend hours in a library.

Nikole Wintermeier

Content Marketer