Retail Product Analytics

Product Intelligence

Learn what product attributes are most popular

Gain insight into a product’s attributes and behavioral characteristics that are most sought after by your shoppers.


actionable dataset for retail

Gain access to an actionable product dataset

With the data generated from Crobox’s Dynamic Badges, you’ll have a unique opportunity to understand how shoppers interact with your products. Our product analytics show you various of metrics that shed light on trends and opportunities.
product attribute messsage performance

Learn what your customers love about your products

Every product has a wide array of attributes. Yet, the question of which attributes speak loudest to your customers has always remained unknown. Crobox’s Product Intelligence provides actionable insight into what your customers look for in your products.
promote product attribute messages in-store

Let your products shine

Using Crobox’s Product Intelligence, you’ll be given the tools to put your products on a pedestal. Equipped with the knowledge about what your customers love about your products, you can bring your product promotion strategy to the next level.

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