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Product Finder

Help your customers find products made for them

Match your customers to the products they need. Our Product Finder selects the best product based on your customers' goals and recommends additional items to drive purchase behavior.
Customer-focused feature with a guaranteed return
Promote related products to complement shopping goals
The Product Finder facilitates significant CR uplifts


product finder conversation builder

Conversation Builder

Bring in-store assistance online

Use the editor to design and build your Product Finder. You can choose from a template or build it from scratch. Either way, you’ll publish at speed.
product finder recommendation quiz

Product Recommendations

Guide your customers to the product they want

Help your customers find the products they want. Ask several questions to automatically match your customer with the product that meets their goals and recommend complementary items.
product finder analytics


Track the performance of your Product Finder

See how your Product Finder performs with our analytics dashboard. Gain insight on how your customers answer, top products recommended, and its business performance.

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