crobox dynamic messaging

Dynamic Messaging

The right message, to the right person, at the right time

Our Dynamic Messaging runs on AI to personalize the messages your shoppers see. Improve their experience while increasing your revenue.
Dynamic Messaging guarentees a return on your investment
Encourage your customers to view more of your products
Dynamic experiences that are relevant and end in purchase


Messaging Types

Drive behavior across the online journey

Create badges, notifications, USPs, overlays, and more yourself or choose from our template library. These powerful messages increase (micro)conversion rates and revenue.


Speak to your customers on an individual level

Whether you’re running a short campaign or ongoing product promotions, our personalization engine sends the right message based on the shopper’s in-session context.
product benefit tagging

Product Benefit Tagging

Create unique product benefit messages

Promote your products' benefits in your Dynamic Messaging campaigns with our Benefit Tagger. Simply connect your product feed for automation!
product badge reporting


Track your message performance

What KPI matters to you? Track click-through, add-to-cart, or conversions using Crobox's performance reporting.

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