custom badging

Custom Badging

Instantly create and publish product badges

Crobox's Custom Badging allows you to promote your products when, how, and where you want. Launch multi-region or language campaigns with the click of a button. No IT required!


multi region support

Customize messages for multi-region and language exposure

Create messages and translations for the products you want to put on display. You decide where, when, and how these badges are shown.
filter, target, and segment audiences and products

Segment customer audiences and product groups for targeting

Our app helps you easily filter and target customer or product groups for your badges. You decide which products your badges show on and the customers that see them.
instantly publish your badges

Instantly publish and monitor your badges, no IT required

Remove the hassle of going through IT to publish or change your product badges. Our technology allows you to instantly publish your changes and measure their performance.

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