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WE Fashion

WE Fashion is a European fashion retailer that was founded in 1917 in the Netherlands. The brand’s website serves persuasive messages seamlessly throughout the shopper experience. This behavior-driven design earned them a leading persuasion score of 63/80.


  • WE Fashion showed their persuasion knowledge with particular excellence on the product listing page, where they scored full points on decreasing choice overload with various features.
  • On the checkout page, recommended products are displayed with an instant add-to-cart option, ensuring that shoppers don’t leave the checkout page.


  • There’s room for improvement when it comes to recommendations. Right now, it just shows one product, showing more can increase the click-through rate.
  • Product descriptions could be more persuasive to appeal to information-seeking shoppers.
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Click-Activated Favorite Count

Enabling the ability to mark products as “favorites” gives shoppers more freedom in what they do with a product, which is psychologically preferred. WE taps into this desire as well as strengthens social proof by showing the number of times a product is favored after being clicked. Displaying the total amount after the click could also play on an individual’s curiosity to see how many other people are watching the item.

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Standout feature 02

Product Labels with Different Copy

Product Labels help decrease choice overload but seeing the same message repeatedly grows tiresome. WE uses different copy that leverages various persuasion techniques to drive click-through rates on the product listing page. These test the shopper’s response to psychological theories like authority, social proof, novelty, and price sensitivity. The generated insights can help strengthen your customer understanding and make personas more dynamic.

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