Actionable insight webshop application


Ease shopping decisions across the customer journey

Combine Crobox's Product and Customer Intelligence to serve Dynamic Messages across your entire webshop.
actionable insights for email


Segment your audience for better email campaigns

By leveraging our datasets, you can create laser-sharp segments and communicate the product characteristics to which they're most likely to respond.


Bring your product insights to the physical world

Crobox's Product Intelligence can be used to optimize your in-store experiences by highlighting the product attributes for which your customers are looking.

Our Success Stories

asics in-store

Case Study: ASICS

Crobox helped ASICS optimize the customer experience using dynamic badge insights. With this intelligence, ASICS created more relevant communication across multiple channels.
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dyson in-store

Case Study: Dyson

To improve their localization efforts, Dyson NL worked together with Crobox to capture and leverage Customer Intelligence. These efforts paid off in significant business impact.
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