product benefit tagging

Promote product attributes at scale

Benefit Tagging uses product tagging technology to create messages you can use to promote your products. We automate finding the attributes your customers are looking for in your products. Simply integrate you product feed!
promote product benefits and attributes

Help customers discover your products

Tell your customers what they want to hear about your products. Our Benefit Tagger creates messages based on the fields of your product feed.
enrich product attributes in feed

Enrich your product feed

Integrate your product benefits to your product feed to centralize your product information. Use these benefits to empower your customers’ decision making on all your sales channels.

Our Success Stories

asics in-store

Case Study: ASICS

ASICS elevated their product discovery with Dynamic Messages and Product Insights. Generating a 27.07% click-through rate uplift.
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dyson in-store

Case Study: Dyson

Using Dynamic Messaging, Dyson localized their content to guided their global expansion, resulting in a 5.8% CR uplift.
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