lightweight and fast implementation


Lightweight implementation for speedy performance

Our Javascript tag ensures a short time to value. It is low latency, small, and served by secure Content Delivery Networks (CDN).
enrich product attributes in feed

Product Benefit Tagging

Enrich your product feed

Integrate your product benefits to your product feed to centralize your product information. Use these benefits to serve as a basis of your Guided Selling experience.
eCommerce product analtyics

Guided Selling Analytics

Track your guided selling performance

Monitor your campaign performance or drill down on a product level. Search your products by name, ID, or characteristic to zoom into their engagement and trend data.
product intelligence

Product Intelligence

Discover why your customers buy

Answer the “why” behind product engagement. Analyze Product Discovery data to learn what messages and prompts drive behavior.
integrate analytics


Centralize and share your insights

Easily connect to our analytics with our Product Data API, allowing you access to product insights in file formats like JSON. Or, directly download and share your dashboard from the platform.
product recommendations

Machine Learning

Accurate predictions driven by the network effect

The more you use Crobox, the better the machine learning predictions and unique data. Result? Actionable insights and optimal recommendations.
gdpr compliant

Data Privacy

Fully GDPR compliant and future regulation proof

We collect and process data in compliance with data privacy laws – now and in the future. We do not process personal data and take a zero-party data approach whenever possible.

Our Success Stories

asics in-store

Case Study: ASICS

ASICS leverages a product finder and recommendations to generate 16x ROI and increase their CR by over 50%.
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dyson in-store

Case Study: Dyson

Using Dynamic Messaging, Dyson localized their content to guided their global expansion, resulting in a 5.8% CR uplift.
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