Persuasion Profiling

persuasion profiling types

Enrich customer profile data

persuasion profiling types

Powered by our anonymized consumer behavior dataset, the Crobox Persuasion Framework influence audiences' behavior to drive conversions. With these insights, you can enrich your profile dataset with the psychological traits of your users. The result is a thorough understanding your shoppers' persuasion susceptibility.

Persuasion API


Crobox’s technology captures every interaction users have with a website. This data is fully accessible with our API, so other technology partners and marketing platforms can plug and play with the data. With this data, your business can create a comprehensive picture of your customers and website visitors.

Empower your DMP or CRM

persuasion profile to DMP

The ultimate goal of our product is to persuade shoppers throughout their customer journey. From the first touchpoint to increasing loyalty. The persuasion profiles of your users’ unique psychological preferences can be leveraged by integrating the data into your Data Management Platform or CRM system.