dynamic product badges

Product Badging

Drive purchase behavior with data-driven nudges

Leverage Social Proof, Scarcity, and Authority to promote your products, reduce choice overload, and increase incremental revenue and conversions.
Product Badges ease choice overload and drive behavior
Encourage your customers to view more of your products
CR uplift
Ensure a more seamless path to purchase


multi region support

Multi-region Coverage

Speak your customers’ language

Serve multiple regions? No problem. You can easily create and translate new messages or choose from our message library.
target products and messages


More flexibility to automate your badges

Advanced filtering technology helps you automate and scale your badging. Use our badge editor to set up and launch badge campaigns based on preset filtering rules.
message library

Message Library

Get inspired by messages proven to work

From Social Proof to Scarcity, our message library has 200+ messages based on 10+ psychological theories and designs created by behavioral psychologists.
campaign performance


Track the performance of your messages

Crobox’s Campaign Performance shows you the impact of every message using the metrics that matter the most to you.

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