crobox dynamic badging

Dynamic Messaging

Highlight the right product at the right time

Using AI-driven Dynamic Messaging, you can improve the customer experience by communicating product messages that are most likely to resonate with your shoppers.


product attribute messages

Help your customers find what they are looking for faster

Every product is made up of specific attributes. With Dynamic Messaging, you can promote these attributes to streamline the customer experience. Meanwhile, we collect this product data so you can reuse its insights in your marketing strategy.
behavioral messages

Drive conversions with behavioral nudges

Using specific words, you can streamline your customer experience by easing the decision-marketing process. Behavioral Nudges leverage psychological theories and biases to drive purchase behavior.
AI-driven Dynamic Badging

Ensure every message your customers see resonates

With Crobox’s AI engine, your product messages will be personalized to the individual needs of every shopper. Our technology analyzes contextual data profiles to determine which product to highlight and the best message to promote.
Actionable insight webshop application

Place your product messages where they count

Looking to enhance your PLP overview? Or maybe you want to direct attention to the best performing product attributes on the PDP? Wherever your focus is, our Dynamic Messages can be implemented throughout the online customer journey.

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