crobox dynamic badging

Dynamic Messaging

Highlight the right product at the right time

Using AI-driven Dynamic Messaging, you can improve the customer experience by communicating product messages that are most likely to resonate with your shoppers.


Personalize product messages throughout your site

Help your shoppers make decisions more seamlessly with Dynamic Badges and USPs. These AI-driven messages are personalized to the shopper and will help reduce choice overload by offering the product information they need to meet their shopping goals.
smart filtering options

More flexibility to automate your badges

Crobox’s smart filtering uses business logic to set up your badges for automation. Our flexible filters automate the process of showing the messages you want on the products where it makes sense.
performance tracking dashboard

Track the performance of your messages

Crobox’s performance reporting will tell you the impact of every message using the KPIs that matter most to you. Track the click-through, add-to-cart, or conversion rate of all your messages to make more data-driven decisions.
AI driven product badging

Ensure every message your customers see resonates

With Crobox’s AI engine, your product messages will be personalized to the individual needs of every shopper. Our technology analyzes contextual data profiles to determine which product to highlight and the best message to promote.

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