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Customer Intelligence

Tell customers what they want to hear about your products

Combining Crobox’s Product Intelligence with our advanced customer analytics, you can gain actionable insight into customer segments for omnichannel application.


retail customer segmentation

Treat customer segments with the care they deserve

Crobox’s Customer Intelligence will show you how different customer segments behave on your site. It sheds light on how each group responds to different messages so you have a better understanding of the nuances between audiences.
insight omnichannel application

Create an omnichannel experience with the right messaging

Stop wasting time with passive data that you can’t act upon. Our Customer Intelligence gives you actionable insight into your shoppers’ behavior so you can apply it omnichannel, from email and text ads to in-store and packaging design.
data and psychology venn diagram

Put a human touch on data with behavioral and data analysts

Data analysis only tells one side of the story. We’re interested in providing a full picture of your customers so you can act on data with human intention. Together with our in-house experts in data and behavioral psychology, you will get the most out of your data.

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