Persuasive Personalization

Crobox persuasion techniques

Persuasion Techniques

The Crobox platform uses a library of over one-hundred persuasion techniques to understand and activate shopper behavior at each step in the online buyer’s journey. Crobox’s persuasion techniques can be applied on enterprise web stores with our built-in features.

Persuasion Software

Using copy from our Persuasion Technique Library, our technology serves interactive overlays, smart notifications, native nudges, product tags and more on any enterprise website. These features activate visitor behavior and optimize the buyer's journey.

Crobox Artificial Intelligence

Crobox AI

Crobox stems from consumer psychology and is optimized by AI. Our solution ensures the most relevant message is shown to every shopper at the optimal moment in their customer journey. The Crobox AI runs hundreds of experiments to find the best approach to activating audiences.

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