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Zalando was founded in 2008. Since then, it has evolved into an eCommerce powerhouse. With the impressive score of 83/100, it’s clear their brand influence is reinforced by a persuasive approach to delivering a seamless shopper experience.


  • The Zalando Product Listing Page persuasively executes authority messaging, featuring a “Look of the Day.”
  • Item stock level is listed for the products, capitalizing on several persuasive techniques like social proof and scarcity.


  • Adding the ability to check out as a guest will improve the fluency of checkout (and reduce cart abandonment!).
  • Product images should be added to the checkout page to give a clear overview of the order.
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Standout feature 01

Complete the look recommendations

Zalando’s product recommendations are on point! For shoppers looking at an item, they can scroll down to see the full outfit that the model is wearing. The “Complete the look” feed includes links to each item, which are clearly priced. Plus, to give the individual even more freedom to choose, they add a “favorite” option.

Zalando feature screenshot

Standout feature 02

Look of the Day

We love when brands go above and beyond to help people discover more than just products. This influencer feature does just that by helping inspire full outfits on the product detail page. With the help of brand ambassadors, individuals can see how the items are worn in real life. This is an “au-naturel” blend of social proof and authority. Plus, the Look of the Day gives shoppers the idea that every item is fresh, making it a relevant statement piece.

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