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TK Maxx

TK Maxx is the European subsidiary of the American brand TJ Maxx. Its extensive product assortment includes home and apparel goods. With a total score of 76/100, they’re finishing this year’s index as a frontrunner.


  • TK Maxx uses true scarcity statements, which builds trust with shoppers, by having accurate stock notifications.
  • The brand shows that they are listening and looking to improve the customer experience by asking shoppers about why they are shopping.


  • Some of the labels are unclear, improving clarity by being more explicit will likely increase the impact of the messages.
  • Only show one price for each product on the product listing page, currently up to four prices can be displayed, which can be confusing.
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Standout feature 01

Choice Affirmation

Although this is a small feature, it bears significant impact. When adding items to the cart, TK Maxx gives the shopper a virtual high five with the message, “You’ll save €X.XX (hurrah!).” This subtle message helps confirm the individual’s decision while it celebrates with them. Better yet, the notification continues with the shopper throughout the journey to strengthen its effect.

TK Maxx feature screenshot

Standout feature 02

Shopper Intention Feedback

While you can run experiments and analyze behavioral data to learn more about what shoppers do on your website, asking them their intention can provide explicit insight into their visit. TK Maxx displays a bar asking customers the reason for their visit. This information can help personalize the experience based on their needs. Plus, if the data is retained well, it can be used to refine segments and personas.

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