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Reebok, founded in 1959, is a global sportswear retailer. The webshop’s edgy design incorporates most elements that contribute to a fluent, persuasive shopper experience, well deserving of a total score of 82/100.


  • Reebok uses different colors to bring attention to the labels on the products, drawing more attention to the persuasive messages.
  • Social proof is leveraged through their “Share how you wear it” feature.


  • Increase the size of the product images so the items can be seen more clearly.
  • The color of the labels of the Product Listing Page change when on the Product Detail Page. For consistency, these could remain the same.
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Standout feature 01

Colored Product Labels

Most people have a hard time making decisions, giving rise to Choice Overload (yes, that’s a real thing). Using labels on your most product-heavy pages helps reduce the associated stress and help shoppers to skim the page for items they like. When these tags have different colors, it helps them to stand out, so they aren’t overlooked.

Reebok feature screenshot

Standout feature 02

Social Feed Integration

Reebok puts its customers in the limelight by showcasing “real-life” product photos in their social feed on the product detail page. This clever feature generates the most genuine form of social proof while inspiring outfit ideas. The best thing about it is that it’s shown for the specific product that’s being viewed. So for shoppers that aren’t sure whether this product is the one, they get some extra insight into what it would look like offline.

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