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New Look

New Look is a British retailer with a presence in most global markets. Their clean webshop offers a persuasive experience, especially on the home and product detail pages, obtaining a total persuasion score of 60/80.


  • New Look stays on brand by promoting persuasive “Shop this look” on the product detail pages, decreasing the barrier to increasing the order value.
  • Persuasive messages can be found throughout the customer journey, from product tags on the product listing page to stock reminders on the cart page.


  • Optimizing the menu bar during scrolling will improve the experience, as it often gets in the way of viewing products.
  • The “Shop the look” is inconsistent, it currently isn’t available on all product pages.
New Look feature screenshot

Standout feature 01

Cart Page Urgency

New Look taps into the power of urgency scarcity to drive behavior on the cart page. They do this by showing messages that notify shoppers when the stock is low on the selected item. Next to this, they calculate the amount needed until the person qualifies for free express delivery. Messages like this help create upsell opportunities.

New Look feature screenshot

Standout feature 02

Persuasive Product Detail Page

Although this is technically not one feature, we had to point out the page’s fantastic execution. This product detail page detail strikes the perfect balance between directive messages and subtle design. Its scarcity message, “Hurry! Selling out” informs the shopper of its limited nature while the “FREE store collection” promotes the brand’s USPs.

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