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Matalan, founded in 1985, is a UK-based fashion and homeware retailer. Their wide assortment requires a persuasive approach, which is right on target with a persuasion score of 57/80.


  • Matalan has implemented persuasion tags consistently throughout the journey, leveraging a handful of different techniques.
  • On the cart page, the difference between the cart total and the amount needed for free shipping is calculated and displayed.


  • Condense the number of steps on the checkout page to make it seem less daunting for the shopper.
  • Some designs for the persuasive messages make it hard to read the text, simplify these to improve readability.
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Original Product Labels

Matalan uses multiple kinds of product labels to direct attention to specific items. They leverage various persuasion techniques that use different copy, colors, and designs to convey their point. This is a great approach to keep the shopper’s eye coming back to the message.

Matalan feature screenshot

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Sticky Product Labels

Matalan increases the impact of their product labels by keeping them with the product throughout the customer journey. This attention to detail makes the message more persuasive for two reasons. First, it establishes message consistency, which helps make the statement stronger. At the same time, it makes it seem more authentic, rather than a “cheap gimmick” to get someone to click.

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