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Foot Locker

Foot Locker is an American founded sports and footwear brand with a presence in 28 countries worldwide. While offering a very persuasive experience, the brand lost most points due to their (lack of a) recommendation system. Despite this, they still finished with a total score of 78/100.


  • Footlocker makes use of various persuasive techniques, steering away from the typical six that are generally found on retail sites.
  • The persuasive messages on the webshop can also be found in different designs based on the step in the customer journey.


  • Currently, a recommendation engine isn’t being leveraged. This should be added to increase average order values.
  • The product labels that are currently present on the product listing page should also be displayed on the product detail page to maintain consistency.
Foot Locker feature screenshot

Standout feature 01

Persuasive Emojis

They say an emoji is worth a thousand words (or something along those lines). These symbols have taken over for the digital-savvy of all ages. Foot Locker has tapped into this by integrating these eye-catching symbols into their smart notifications on the product detail page.

Foot Locker feature screenshot

Standout feature 02

Persuasion Optimized Cart Page

This cart page is fully optimized to drive shopper behavior. First, they include an urgency scarcity message on the top of the page warning the individual that the popular item might be sold out soon. Foot Locker also reminds the shopper that they have qualified for free shipping, giving them that extra boost of motivation to check out.

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