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Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is a predominantly footwear brand, but they also produce clothing and accessories. This brand is notorious for representing various counter-culture groups around the world. Their website breathes this vibe, earning a total score of 77/100.


  • Dr. Martens expertly uses social proof on the homepage to show the trending styles and CTAs for shoppers to show how they wear it.
  • Hints of exclusivity scarcity can also be found with their exclusive collaborations, which is heightened by their “don’t miss out” messages.


  • Remove the required phone number during checkout to reduce redundancy of the form’s fields.
  • The black labels that are currently used don’t stand out, adding some color will capture shoppers’ attention more.
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Standout feature 01

Social Influencer Feed

Dr. Martens uses influencers to spark the imagination of shoppers and build on their products’ authority. This Olapic-powered social media feed puts brand ambassadors in the spotlight to show how they rock their favorite products. We love this genuine form of social proof because it resonates with the digital native culture while still serving a practical purpose.

Dr. Martens feature screenshot

Standout feature 02

Persuasive Homepage

The homepage of a retailer is a vital touchpoint that often sets the mood of the shopper’s experience. When done well, it can set goals and encourage action. We love the look of Dr. Martens’ homepage. Its clean design promotes their newest, hottest, and original collections, appealing to a wide range of shoppers.

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