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Persuasion Index

A comprehensive list of the top one-hundred fashion retailers excelling in persuasion, researched by
consumer-psychology experts.

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2019 Crobox Persuasion Index

Top 100

Most Persuasive Webshop Annual Ranking

Why do some online retailers perform better than others in driving conversions? We evaluated one-hundred leading fashion webshops to find the industry leaders in persuasion.

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Scoring Powerful Shopper Experiences

The scoring framework was developed by Crobox’s in-house consumer psychologists based on persuasive design and UX principles.

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23 Persuasion Trends
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Online retail is quickly evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to stay up to date. We identified twenty-three current and upcoming persuasion trends in retail. Download the report to get inspired with these actionable examples.

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