Psychographic Insights

Discover the why

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When running persuasion experiments, it’s not only the direct performance that counts. To discover the why behind the buy, we report on who your visitors are based on a combination of user, product, and contextual data. This allows Crobox to predict which persuasion principles work for each visitor.

Persuasion library

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We believe that the implementation of both design and copy should be science-based. Making sure that your website speaks to the user’s subconscious. Our team of experts has built a persuasion library offering hundreds of design and copy templates that facilitate a flexible, fast-moving experiment roadmap.

Unique data

persuasion profile

Instead of treating every user the same - as is often done in A/B approaches - Crobox enables brands to expose their users to specific persuasive design and messaging. Based on persuasive triggers and constant tracking of the eventual users’ behavior in real-time, our algorithms show the most relevant message at the optimal moment.