Persuasion Experiments

Crobox Experiments


Our persuasion library of design and copy implementations stems from behavioral science. Once our experiments are employed, the library’s items optimize with continuously learning AI. Rather than taking an A/B approach, where every user is treated equal, our AI technology enables exposing specific users to more appropriate persuasive design and messaging.

Segmentation & Targeting

Crobox segmentation & targeting

Our experiments are isolated by soft conversion levels like product clicks, add to cart actions, newsletter subscriptions, and form submissions. This enables building persuasion profiles based on the most relevant segment levels such as device, source, or even ad-copy variation. All these elements work together to increase conversions and reach sustainable profit.

Powered by AI

Crobox Artificial Intelligence Platform

Our AI algorithms are based on empirically tested persuasion triggers and real-time behavior, ensuring that the most relevant message displays at the optimal time. This allows brands to understand shoppers’ intent based on their real-time and historical activity. By combining this information with product knowledge, a better customer experience is delivered.