Why customers choose Crobox?

Crobox Proven Impact

Proven Impact

Our experienced team is dedicated to realizing your goals and facilitating increases in incremental revenue.

Crobox Unparalleled Expertise

Unparalleled Expertise

We take the full-service approach seriously to ensure you receive full value for minimal team impact.

Crobox Unique Insights

Unique Insights

We provide unique consumer insights that shape marketing decisions and optimize the customer experience.

Case Studies

How Crobox has helped brands gain unique insights and optimize their customer experience.

Crobox Dyson Case Study

How Crobox used behavioral psychology and AI to increase Dyson’s conversion rate by 5.4% and provide meaningful consumer insights for their international expansion.

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Crobox Under Armour Case Study

How Under Armour gained psychographic insights about their European customers in 6 countries and increased their incremental revenue and conversion rate by 5.27%

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Crobox BCC Case Study

With Crobox’s persuasion profiling, BCC increased their conversion rate by 8.6%, engagement by 4.68%, and 4.5% of the visitors added products to their basket.

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