eCommerce product finder

Product Finder

Help shoppers find the right product for every occasion

Increase conversion and engagement while lowering returns with a Product Finder. We'll help you build a Product Finder that considers your unique requirements, assortment, and desires so you can place the right products in front of your customers.
How we do it

Full-Funnel Messaging

Ease shopping decisions across the customer journey

Inform and drive purchase behavior at various touchpoints by combining Crobox’s Product Intelligence and Dynamic Messaging. Leverage Dynamic Notifications, Exit Intent Overlays, and Checkout Nudges throughout your webshop.
How we do it
retarget your webshop visitors

Onsite Retargeting

Show messages proven to resonate with your customers’ goals

Target the right products with the right message to the right person based on their onsite behavior. With Crobox, you can track and target based on specific trigger conditions to make your messages count.

Our Success Stories

asics in-store

Case Study: ASICS

Crobox helped ASICS optimize the customer experience using dynamic badge insights. With this intelligence, ASICS created more relevant communication across multiple channels.
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dyson in-store

Case Study: Dyson

To improve their localization efforts, Dyson NL worked together with Crobox to capture and leverage Customer Intelligence. These efforts paid off in significant business impact.
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