social proof for ecommerce

Social proofing

The power of Social Proof in eCommerce

Social Proof helps shoppers make better decisions. Use badges or notifications to show popularity, product demand, or purchase counts.
ecommerce scarcity

eCommerce Scarcity

Effectively use Scarcity online

Scarcity highlights exclusivity or limited time products. We pair Scarcity messages with smart filters for efficacy and truthfulness.
message library with behavioral principles

Psychology Message Library

200+ messages crafted by our behavioral experts

Choose from a growing library based on 10+ psychological theories created by in-house behavioral psychologists. Each message is paired with a smart filter to instantly launch your Dynamic Messaging campaign.
automated dynamic messages

Smart Filters

Automate Messages with Smart Filters

Smart Filters set the conditions a product must meet for our machine learning to select a message. Filters are based on product and event ratings, IDs, and other criteria.

Our Success Stories

asics in-store

Case Study: ASICS

ASICS elevated their product discovery with Dynamic Messages and Product Insights. Generating a 27.07% click-through rate uplift.
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dyson in-store

Case Study: Dyson

Using Dynamic Messaging, Dyson localized their content to guided their global expansion, resulting in a 5.8% CR uplift.
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