Brand guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Crobox. Below you can find all the brand assets necessary for writing a press release, article or just know more about guidelines. You can also download all the files in one .zip file.
Download You can download all the files in one .zip file. Enjoy! ( 3.3 mb)


If you are using our logo please make sure that it is displayed properly and does not interfere with our guidelines.



We use two font families: Montserrat (main font) and Georgia (blog content).

Headline 1 is Montserrat SemiBold - 30

Headline 2 is Montserrat SemiBold - 24

Headline 3 is Montserrat SemiBold - 18

Headline 4 is Montserrat Light - 16

Headline 1 is Georgia Bold - 30

Headline 2 is Georgia Bold - 24

Headline 3 is Georgia Regular - 18

Headline 4 is Georgia Regular - 16

Brand colors

These are Crobox brand colors. KPI colors are used for dashboard mainly. Primary colors represent our brand colors.

Primary colors







If you are looking for current dashboard screenshots you can find them here. We will keep them updated. Download


When written, Crobox is a single word with a single uppercase C. It is always writen as Crobox, never as CroBox, nor crobox.


These logos are trademarks of Crobox B.V. and are protected under intellectual property laws. Please us them correctly. Please be sure to comply with our Terms of service

Also, please don't alter these graphics in any way, or combine them with any other graphics, without written consent from Crobox.
Download You can download all the files in one .zip file. Enjoy! ( 3.3 mb)