Add-ons and integrations

You can use the Crobox API to build add-ons. An add-on could be an integration with your existing service, new features for the Crobox app, or even a new product within the Crobox app.

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Why partner with Crobox?

Want to get your feature on world's biggest online brands? This your chance to get new enterprise customers on board.

Access to leading brands

Want to work for world's leading brands? Now is your chance.

Added data value

Enrich your platform with extra data. Add more value to your customers.

Extra revenue streams

Increase your revenue and expand your customerbase.

What is the process?

Build your add on

Design, build and create your add-on on top of our persuasion framework.

Test & Install

Go beta with a customer, experiment and learn. Finetune to launch.

Review & Launch

We'll review and test your app. When ready, we make this available to all our customers.

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